Carmel Classes Offered

HCCTA offers classes for all ages (pre-K to Adult) and abilities.  Shelly Wild is the HCCTA Carmel Site Director and will be running all Carmel classes.


Red Ball Ages 4-6: For ages 4-6, 30 minute class. 48-foot court, using low compression foam and red balls.  Some kids in this age group may be better suited for the one-hour red ball class. The determining factor is if your child can focus and follow directions for an hour.

Red Ball Ages 6-10: For ages 6-10, hour long class. 48-foot court, using low compression foam and red balls. For beginner players to learn to rally, serve and begin point play. Introduction to basic stroke production techniques.

Orange/Green Ball Ages 8-11: For ages 8-11, hour long class. 60-foot court, using orange and green dot balls. Players have completed and mastered red ball ages 6-10 classes. Players are able to maintain a minimum 10-ball rally with another student. Emphasis on advanced stroke production and point play.
*7 and 8 year olds may play in this class if they get coach approval

Beginners Grades 5-12: For Grades 6-12, hour long class for older kids that are new to tennis. Goals would be: learning how to rally, athletic development/movement, court positioning, scoring, and basic stroke fundamentals. Class will use rally-based drills with red and orange balls and progressing through the use of lower compression balls to ensure success in point play.

Real Ball Junior Progression: Hour and a half class for kids that have completed and mastered the orange/green ball level classes and/or a next step for older students who have participated in the Beginners Grades 6-12 class and are ready to progress from low compression ball rallies (players will be divided by both ability and age).

Adult Beginner: Hour long class for adults new to tennis. This is a rally-based drill program to get players hitting back and forth over the net with a partner within the first 15 minutes of class. Students will focus on basic fundamentals to ensure a sound technical foundation.

Adult Drill and Play (2.5-3.5) A combination of fed and live ball drills in a fast paced environment.

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