Racquet Stringing

Restringing makes sure your game remains at peak performance. You may feel that your racquet is losing its “punch” at the net. A general rule for restringing your racquet is to restring as many times per year as you play per week. If you play three times a week, you should restring about three times per year.

When is my racquet due for new strings?

  • The appearance of the strings – Looking worn or moving around easily.
  • The feel when you hit the ball – A bit of a dull feel and loss of springiness/tension.
  • The length of time since you last restrung – If it’s been sitting in your tennis bag for months without being used.

Stringing Cost

Synthetic Gut  $30

Polyester         $35

Hybrid              $35

Luxilon Big Banger $40

Labor Only (own string provided) $20

Contact Sean Stafford at 317-420-5203

Hamilton County Community Tennis Association