Special Olympics

Special Olympics tennis in Indiana started in 2013 with 20 athletes at Carmel High School by then high school students, Nick Hennessey and Molly Fletchall. HCCTA Founder, Helen Petersen was instrumental in getting the program started. Today the program is at three sites during the summer (Boone County, Hamilton County and Washington Township) and served 83 athletes in 2017. These programs are free to athletes. They receive 8 hours of tennis instruction, a gently used racquet, T-shirt, bottled water, snacks and an awards party. Each athlete is paired with a volunteer buddy who comes to the program each week. HCCTA provides all the funding for these programs. Athletes must register on the Special Olympics Indiana website in the county where they reside.


If you would like to support the Special Olympics Indiana tennis program you may volunteer,  make an individual contribution or become a HCCTA corporate sponsor.

Please contact Missee Foster for details about the program.
PH: (317) 571-TEAM

Please contact Helen Petersen for sponsorship opportunities.
PH: (317) 691-6591

Thank You 2017 Volunteers!

Boone County (Zionsville High School)

Coaches: Shivam Bhargava (head coach) and Kimberly Hartzel

Number of Athletes Registered: 20

Volunteer Buddies: Luke Barnes, Max Boxell, Robert Campbell, Lauren Campbell, Tammy Campbell, Talli Cline,  Clinton Cummins, Jackson Davis,  Lucy Gregory, Will Gregory, Emilia Hartzel, Gwenyth Hartzel, Sophie Herrman,  Chase Hutchinson,  Simryn Kapur, James Lao, Zack Maluccio, Drew Metzger,  Jack Miller, Rachel Mingus, Joseph Montgomery, Laura Moore, Scott Morical,  Andrew Redman, Sophie Regele, Jack Schrepferman, Wendy Schrepferman,  Elizabeth Small, Max Thornburg, Heidi Wendowski, Jackson Williams.

Hamilton County (Carmel High School)

Coaches: Nick Hennessey (head coach), Kailey Eaton, Molly Fletchall, Zach Hennessey

Number of Athletes Registered: 20

Number of Athletes: 36

Volunteer Buddies:

Kai Alt, Mark Alt, Erika Arakawa, Rik Bag, Cara Bloom, Lahiri Chitturi, Timmy Dixon, Diego Gallegos, Bailey Inglis, Selena Liu, Shelby Lynch, Apurva Manas, Eli Mercer, Mitchell Mercer, Ethan McAndrews, Lily McAndrews , Jones McNamar, Drew Michael, Julia Miller, Madison Moon, Nyssa Quio, Griffin Scott, Drew Shaffer, Molly Shaffer, Meg Shaffer, Tiffany Squires, Michael Wade, Dave Willem

Washington Township (North Central High School)

Coaches: Nick Hennessey (head coach), Kailey Eaton, Molly Fletchall, Zach Hennessey

Number of Athletes: 27

Volunteer Buddies:

Alex Antonopoulos, Joe Blake, Sophia Caldwell, Autumn Clark, Anna Geller, Luke Godfrey, Matthew Godfrey, Alysa Guffey, Ella Harrington, Ty Harrington, Maci Haywood, Caroline Hederick, Donna Heimansohn, Alina Husain, Laura Jannetta, Zinder Kiekourin, Lucie, Koeberlein, Sami Loggan, Natalie Long, Ajay Mahenthran, Audra Marchese, Anjalin Natarajan, Kate Robinson

Coaches: Molly Fletchall, Grace Marchese, Reiley Harrington, Nick Hennessey

Hamilton County Community Tennis Association