Information on this page is for Fall 2020. Our Fall 2021 schedule will be similar. Fall 2021 information will be available by June.

Fall 2020 Session


  • How do I register? Scroll down and click the REGISTER button (under the class listings).
  • What class should I register for? You can click on the class and it will give you a description of the class or you can review the: class descriptions.
  • Weather Cancellations – Class may be cancelled if there are high winds or rain. Class is only held on the rain make-up date if one of the classes is cancelled due to weather.
  • My child needs a racquet: you can order a racquet for your child when you register and you will get the racquet on the first day of class.
  • No classes over labor day weekend (9/5, 9/6 and 9/7)
  • QUESTIONS: Contact Maggie Petersen at: or 317-501-9145.
  • Late Fee:  Registrations received on or after 8/7 will incur a $10 late fee. A late fee is charged to offset the additional work late registrations require. Thank you for understanding.

If viewing on a mobile device, turn sideways for easier viewing.


Registration will open at the end of June, an email will be sent out when registration opens.


30 minute classes: $75 for 7 classes

1 hour classes: $125 for 7 classes

1.5 hour classes: $185 for 7 classes

Weather Cancellations/Rain-Outs

If classes are cancelled due to rain or high winds, cancellations are posted on our  website at: Weather Cancellations or our twitter account (TennisHccta). If there is rain in the forecast or it has rained that day please check to see if class is on. Even if it is not raining at the time of your class the courts may still be wet and class may be cancelled. If there are high winds please check to see if classes are still on. If there is no cancellation posted then classes are still on. NOTE: all classes have one built in rain make-up date. If your class is rained out, you will have class on the rain make-up date.

By registering for HCCTA classes you are agreeing to all of these policies!

Information about use of HSE/Fishers tennis Courts:

Due to COVID the HSE School District is not renting any facilities (tennis courts are facilities) to outside organizations (HCCTA is an outside organization).

FAQs about holding classes in Fishers:

The courts are open, why can’t HCCTA use the courts? See the information above.

The HSE & Fishers High School Tennis Teams are practicing on the courts so why can’t HCCTA use the courts? See information above.

I have access to a neighborhood court or a private court? HCCTA needs more than 1 or 2 courts to hold our programs. We have to provide proof of insurance and enter into an agreement for any courts/facilities we use, we cannot do that with private tennis courts.

Why don’t you contact the school? HCCTA has been in regular contact with the HSE School District. We have communicated with the Superintendent, the Fall Creek Junior High Athletic Director, and the District Facility Coordinator. We are respecting the HSE School District policies and abiding by those policies.

Will classes get moved back to Fishers? No.

HCCTA does not have any additional information. If questions are received regarding classes in Fishers we will refer you back to this webpage. Thank you for all your patience throughout this!

Hamilton County Community Tennis Association