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-Topping Strings Racquets for HCCTA
-CRC Women Help School Kids

dick topping holding racquets

Dick Topping Re-Grips Racquets for HCCTA

Carmel Racquet Club member Dick Topping donated his time and skills to help HCCTA by re-gripping youth tennis racquets for our junior programs. HCCTA annually serves more than 5,000 youngsters and adults. National Junior Tennis and Learning/NJTL of Indianapolis annually serves more than a 1,000 youngsters in Marion County.

Thank you HCCTA volunteer Dick Topping for donating your time and skills!


CRC Women Help Illinois School Kids

There were 880 third graders and teachers from Champaign, Illinois, public schools (Unit 4), who received copies of the book Champion Citizen: Jean Driscoll thanks to the combined efforts of Carmel Racquet Club women members. November 30, 2015, was declared Jean Driscoll Day for Unit 4.

Jean Driscoll is the first athlete to win the Boston Marathon eight times and each time in a wheel chair. Her book is part of the Champion Citizen books created by Hamilton County Community Tennis Association (HCCTA). More than 26,000 of these books have been used by teachers, students, coaches, parents and literacy groups all over the country.

CRC women sort books (l-r): Lynn Trott, Lisa Mortier, and Pam Cousins sorted the books into 40 classrooms so each teacher could pick up their class’s books after the Jean Driscoll assembly. Yvette Van der Wiel assisted with the sorting and sent our the volunteer request.
book authors with Jean (l-r) Grace Marchese, Jean Driscoll and Molly Fletchall. Molly and Grace are the student authors who did the original research and first draft of Champion Citizen: Jean Driscoll.
at Jean Driscoll day (l-r) Dawn Knight, Jean Driscoll, and Helen Petersen at the Jean Driscoll Day in Champaign, Illinois. Dawn is an English teacher at Westfield High School and was the supervising teacher for Champion Citizen: Sam McNew. Student authors for this book were Carmel Racquet Club members Evan Parshall and Laura Moore. Helen Petersen is the creator of the Champion Citizen books.



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